What about electric scooters? Evaluation: Nine layers of shock absorption, comfortable and not bumpy riding

The Coasta electric scooter is a fully functional adult transportation tool. It is not only designed with riding comfort and stability in mind, but also adopts advanced technical configurations to provide users with an excellent riding experience. The following will introduce this electric scooter in detail from five aspects: Jiuzhong shock absorption, Jinyuxing 3C certified motor, high-strength alloy body, long cruising range and LED lighting system.

1. Nine-fold shock absorption and strong load-bearing: The electric scooter is equipped with a nine-fold shock absorption system, which effectively reduces the impact of road bumps on the rider and provides a more comfortable riding experience. At the same time, the car uses a 4+3+2 frame design, which can easily handle whether it is a flat road or complex road conditions, increasing riding comfort.

2. Jinyuxing 3C certified motor: The electric scooter uses a Jinyuxing 3C certified motor. This brushless drive motor excels in providing strong and stable power output. It has a small body but a large torque, and the intelligently adjusted motor outputs high power, making riding more enjoyable and efficient.


3. High-strength alloy body: In order to improve the performance of the entire vehicle, Coasta electric scooters have undergone thousands of simulation analyses, and the frame structure has been optimized. The result is a body that is both lightweight and robust. Despite being lightweight, it can still carry up to 400 pounds. Even girls can easily carry it up and down the stairs, achieving the perfect combination of portability and practicality.






Post time: Oct-10-2023


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