About Us


About Us

Shenzhen Coasta Technology Co., Ltd.

Was established in 2015. Locating in Shenzhen, the city of Guangdong Province. With the combination of R&D, production, sales, and service, our technicians work stably with precise working style. The factory covers an area of 3,000 square meters,  assembly workshop, big warehouse, and QC workshop. Based on the principle of high efficiency & people-oriented service, our company scale expands steadily during the past decades. Now with our products electric scooter, electric bike sold across the country and around the globe, our company has become a scaled manufacturer in the electric scooter production field.

What We Do?

Our main production line is Electric Scooter, Electric bike two series, specialized in producing and sales more than 8 years.

Our company insisted on leading the industry technology innovation, we have won some technology patents and innovation awards. What we do everything is for improve our product design and quality, intelligent products that can meet the production demands of different clients.

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Our Culture

Since the establishment of COASTA in 2015, our team has grown from a small group to over 200 people. Now COASTA is constantly developing and growing, which is closely related to our company's corporate culture and business philosophy:

● Honest and clear ● Customer service is the top priority ● Technological innovation never stops ● Product quality first

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Our Team

We have many high-quality talents, and in the future, COASTA will pay more attention to customer experience, focus on improving the company's internal refined management level, and continuously introduce the latest global management tools and methods to improve productivity, reduce waste, shorten production and delivery time, and better help those who like electric scooters and electric bicycles.

Why Choose Us?

Technological innovation never stops, Product quality first

We are a professional manufacturer with a series of processes including research and development, testing, and finished products, ensuring the quality of our products. If you are interested in our products or want to learn more about product related content and price discounts, please feel free to contact us. We have first-class service personnel and will contact you promptly upon receiving messages.



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