The difference between single wheel drive and dual wheel drive electric scooters

It is recommended to choose a dual wheel drive electric scooter.

Under normal load and constant speed conditions; Single drive power saving;

Under uphill and heavy load conditions, dual drive saves power;

Characteristic curve of electric scooter motor; The highest efficiency point is usually at rated power; When the rated power is exceeded (the overload current value increases rapidly), the characteristic efficiency of the motor also decreases rapidly (such as when going uphill); The efficiency may decrease to below 30%; At this point, the output power of the battery (commonly known as electricity) may have increased by 100%; But basically (doing useless work) and causing the motor to quickly heat up, the increased current does not do any useful work (linearly increasing torque).

Same uphill working condition; The dual drive motor shares the load of the electric vehicle, and the working point of each motor is still near the highest efficiency point of the motor’s output characteristics; For example, motors still have an efficiency of 80%; The current of two motors has not increased (the current consumed may not be as much as that of one motor); But obtained double the torque force (the sum of the normal torque output of two motors).

Therefore, electric scooters with dual drive motors need to automatically achieve power matching based on road conditions, load, and slope system. On flat roads, one motor is used for driving, and uphill and heavy loads (or overtaking) automatically switch to two motors for synchronous driving; Only dual drive electric scooters can achieve optimal performance.

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Post time: Aug-16-2023


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