Scooters in Paris are subject to speed restrictions again! From now on we can only travel at a “turtle speed”

In recent years, there have been a lot of scooters traveling like the wind in the streets and alleys of France, and there are more and more shared scooters on the streets. Standing on the skateboard, young people can enjoy the feeling of speed with just a little movement of their hands.
When there are more cars and faster speeds, accidents tend to happen, especially in places with dense pedestrians and narrow streets. Scooters become veritable “road killers” and collisions with people occur frequently. In June this year, a scooter hit and killed someone in Paris! (Portal’s new generation of “street killers”: A female pedestrian in Paris was hit and killed by an electric scooter! Beware of these “monster” behaviors!)
Now, the government has finally taken action against shared scooters on the streets!
Slow down, everyone! !
Want to race on a scooter? Not allowed!


From now on, you can only “slow down” in places like Paris!
Starting from November 15th (this Monday), many areas in Paris will impose speed limits on shared scooters.
The 15,000 shared scooters operating in 662 areas of the capital have a maximum speed limit of 10km/h, with a maximum speed limit of 5km/h in parks and gardens and 20km/h elsewhere.
Which brands of shared scooters are restricted?
The Paris government said the restricted 15,000 shared scooters will be distributed among the three operators: Lime, Dott and Tiers.

Which areas are restricted?
Speed-restricted areas are mainly areas with high pedestrian density, mainly involving parks, gardens, streets with schools, city halls, places of worship, pedestrian streets and commercial street areas, including but not limited to the Bastille, Place de la Repubblica, Trocadéro Place, Luxembourg Garden, Tuileries Garden, Les Invalides, Chaumont Parc and Père Lachaise Cemetery to name a few.
Of course, you can also see “speed limit areas” more quickly and conveniently on the apps of these three operators. Therefore, from now on, when using these three brands of shared scooters, you should pay attention to the maximum speed limits in different areas!
What happens if I speed?
Some friends must be asking, can it detect me speeding?
The answer is Yes!


The 15,000 scooters are equipped with a GPS system that sends the scooter’s location to the server of the operator (Lime, Dott or Tiers) every fifteen seconds. When a scooter enters a speed-restricted area, the operating system compares its speed to the maximum speed allowed in the area. If speeding is detected, the operation system will automatically limit the speed of the scooter.
This is equivalent to installing an “automatic brake” on a scooter. Once it speeds, you won’t be able to skate faster even if you want to. Therefore, the operator will not allow you to speed!


Do personal scooters also have speed limits?
Of course, these scooters equipped with the “automatic speed limit” function only involve the three brands of shared scooters mentioned above.
Those who buy their own skateboards can continue to travel in the Paris area at a speed of 25km/h.
The city government said that speed limit areas may be further expanded in the future, and they will continue to increase cooperation with scooter operators, hoping to technically prevent two people from using the same scooter at the same time, or driving under the influence. (This…how to prevent it??)
As soon as this speed limit measure came out, as expected, the French started to discuss it heatedly.
Stop slipping, it’s best to walk!
The speed limit is 10km/h, which of course is too slow for young people who pursue speed! At this speed, it is better not to slip and walk faster…
Get back to the days of walking, donkey riding and horseback riding.


Post time: Oct-12-2023


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