InMotion RS Electric Scooter Review: Performance That Continues to Grow

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       The RS is a well-built, large scooter capable of covering long distances on your daily commute, with features that reduce maintenance costs and keep you on the road.
        The InMotion RS is a monster of a scooter in both size and performance. The company is best known for its electric unicycles, also known as EUCs, as well as smaller scooters such as the Climber and S1. But with the RS, it’s clear that InMotion is also targeting the high-end scooter market.
        The InMotion RS costs $3,999, but you get premium design, features, and performance. The scooter has a nice long deck covered with rubber that provides good grip. The steering wheel angle is slightly tilted back and is height adjustable. When I first saw images of the RS, I wasn’t sure if the tilt steering wheel and semi-twist throttle were for me. But after a few miles I started to like it. When using scooters with throttles, you need to be careful not to accidentally hit them. I even had a situation where the scooter tipped over, the throttle lever broke, and there was no room left to press the gas.
        The RS has a parking mode that is activated when the scooter is turned on and stationary. It can also be put into parking mode manually by pressing the power button. This allows the scooter to continue moving without having to worry about stepping on the gas and allowing it to take off.
        The height of the RS platform can be changed, although you will need special tools to do so. Right out of the box, the scooter’s deck sits low to the ground, making it ideal for riding on the streets of New York City. But the driver can also adjust the height of the scooter for off-road riding. In the low position I can take off aggressively while maintaining traction. Remember, the lower the scooter, the longer it is. Additionally, the lower position is ideal for using a stand, whereas the scooter will tilt more if the platform is higher. Front and rear hydraulic suspensions support the platform.
        The RS is a behemoth, weighing 128 pounds and capable of hauling up to 330 pounds of payload (including driver). The RS is powered by a 72-volt, 2,880-watt-hour battery, and the scooter is powered by two 2,000-watt electric motors. The scooter is equipped with 11-inch tubeless pneumatic front and rear tires. The design of the scooter allows you to easily remove and replace the wheels in case of a flat tire. In fact, from a maintenance perspective, the entire scooter is very easy to repair.
        The scooter is equipped with front and rear Zoom hydraulic disc brakes and an electric motor that helps slow down when the lever is engaged. This not only extends the life of the brake pads, but also returns energy to the battery through regenerative braking. Regenerative braking levels can be adjusted using the InMotion mobile app for iOS/Android. The app can also be used to change settings, update the scooter’s firmware, and activate the anti-theft feature, which essentially locks the wheels and beeps if someone tries to move it.
       For safety, there are auto-off front and rear warning lights, a loud horn, rear brake lights, front deck lights and adjustable headlights.
        Handles fold down for storage. However, when the handlebar is in an upright position, the folding mechanism is held in place by thumbscrews, which can become loose over time. But I can also see that if you tighten it too much it will peel off. I hope InMotion can come up with a better solution next time.
        The RS has an IPX6 body rating and an IPX7 battery rating, so it’s splash-proof (tested in a rainstorm on my first ride). However, my main concern is that I will get dirty. The RS fenders do a great job of protecting the rider from dirt from the ground.
        The display is clearly visible in daylight and has a good design. At a glance, you can see the battery percentage, as well as battery voltage, current speed, total range, ride mode, turn signal indicators, and single or dual motor mode (RS can be in both modes or just front or rear).
        The RS has a top speed of 68 mph. I can only go up to 56 mph, but I need more room to stop because I’m a big guy and my city is very crowded and congested. Acceleration is smooth but aggressive, if that makes sense. With the deck in the down position, I could hear the tires squealing on takeoff, but there was no uncontrollable wheel spin. It handles well in corners, and the rear deck is wide and stable enough to handle the stress of highway speeds.
        The RS has four speed modes: Eco, D, S and X. I noticed that I couldn’t change the speed when I pressed the gas pedal. I have to let it go in order to change. For daily use and to reduce battery drain, I mostly use the scooter in the D position. This is more than enough considering it can still reach speeds of up to 40 mph quickly, making it ideal for commuting and commuting. . I prefer to take a car, and although the city speed limit is 25 mph, their speed limit is 30 to 35 mph.
        The RS reaches 30 mph in just a few seconds, which is handy when driving in heavy traffic. I have over 500 miles on my scooter and have not replaced, repaired or replaced anything. As I mentioned, I had to tighten up a few things, but that’s about it.
        The InMotion RS features two charging ports and an 8A charger that will get you back on the road in 5 hours. InMotion claims you can get about 100 miles of range, but take that with a grain of salt. We are different sizes, live in different places and travel at different speeds. But even if you cover half the rated distance, its size and speed range are still impressive.

Post time: Oct-13-2023


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