Explore green travel and enjoy the combination of freedom and adventure: the cool era of electric scooters!

Electric scooters are gradually becoming the “new force” of green travel in the new era. I believe many friends have already seen the figure of electric scooters in their daily lives, with an upright shape that looks very stylish when stepping on them.


01 City Commuting

Urban commuting has become an essential part of modern people’s daily work and life, with bustling people rushing between their workplaces and residences during peak hours in the morning and evening.

As a convenient urban transportation tool, electric scooters are suitable for short distance commuting, not expensive, with low usage costs, and can be said to be very cost-effective compared to vehicles and other means of transportation. Commuting with an electric scooter allows you to quickly and flexibly reach your destination without enduring the hassle of traffic congestion.


02 Campus Travel

With the end of this year’s college entrance examination, many students are about to enter the halls of university. The massive campus not only meets the needs of students’ daily life and learning, but also has become a headache for students due to the relatively long distance between the buildings on campus, requiring them to walk long distances.

In such an environment, electric scooters have become the preferred means of transportation for students, which is more time-saving and labor-saving compared to bicycles. Compared to electric vehicles, it is also safer.

Moreover, due to the small and lightweight body of electric scooters, which are very friendly to girls with small strength, these advantages greatly reduce the probability of accidents. In addition, few college students can refuse the cool appearance of electric scooters, right?


03 Leisure and entertainment, sightseeing and tourism

In recent years, people’s quality of life has been continuously improving, and more and more people like to go out of their homes and approach nature. Therefore, camping culture has become popular.

The “camping+” model has become a new trend: camping+flower watching, camping+RV, camping+travel photography and other activities are becoming more and more popular among young people, and outdoor activities have also made social and interpersonal relationships simple and pure.

Post time: Aug-16-2023


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